All about Purity Dairy:

Purity Dairy general manager Tom Cullen recalled, “Purity was started by my parents Eugene and Gladys Cullen and they moved to this location in 1946, to be closer to their customers.”

Located on Kent Street in Charlottetown, Cullen chuckled when he recalled that the family farm was just out by the airport, so in essence not really that far away. Tom Cullen, general manager of Purity Dairy, in the Charlottetown’s dairy’s production area Still in the same spot over 70 years later, Purity is a “modern operation” and its location in Charlottetown works well for the business. Many of its customers are local retailers and restaurants, and having a central spot in the capital city allows them to easily distribute their products.

Purity’s production is concentrated just on beverage milk. Supplied by five PEI specific PEI farms. “We’re a local business and we are able to buy milk close by. We really focus on having superior milk with superior service.”

They employ 20 people at their facility and whole, two percent, skim, and chocolate milk are processed in their plant three days a week. As well, they produce cream, buttermilk, and in season, you will find eggnog on their shelves.

The one exception to the beverage or fluid milk produced is their sour cream, which is naturally soured. Both the processing plant and business offices are at the Kent Street location and a small retail outlet with one fridge showcases Purity’s products there.

Having the plant out back allows for fresh product to be delivered directly to the hands of their customers. It’s not uncommon for customers to stop by to get their milk or cream and have the staff call back to the production line for the freshest possible product. Cullen notes that today’s “coffee culture” and the recent trend towards ketogenic eating has meant more customers buying fresh cream directly from them. As well, he noted that as Charlottetown’s restaurant scene has become more diverse and international in nature, the dairy has seen an uptick in sales for their products.

*excerpt from PEI's Dairy Reaches Across Canada by Cheryl Young

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