Aidan Northcott

Marketing Coordinator

Aidan joined Dairy Farmers of PEI as the Marketing Coordinator in 2021. In addition to spearheading digital and traditional marketing efforts, Aidan also champions efforts to support Island communities, whether it be through product donations or fun, creative activations and events. He has a strong passion for marketing that grows every time he tells DFPEI’s story in a creative, unique way. He’s excited to learn more about the dairy industry and to do his part in ensuring that Island dairy and it’s producers are well-represented across the province.

In the winter months, you can likely find Aidan at a hockey rink, whether it’swatching or playing. During the summer, you can find him either at the beach, at a bonfire, or on the golf course.

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Our staff are working hard to provide the best dairy products to Prince Edward Island across the entire supply chain.

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General Manager

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Assistant General Manager

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Policy and Operations Officer

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Atlantic proAction® Coordinator

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Administrative Assistant, Pooling and Revenue coordinator

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Dairy Inspector and proAction® Validator

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Pooling and Payments

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Aidan Northcott

Marketing Coordinator

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Student - Administrative Assistant