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Producing amazing dairy on Prince Edward Island

Dairy Facts
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We produce high-quality dairy used in products across Canada.


Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island (DFPEI) is the marketing organization for all PEI dairy producers. It is established under the Natural Products Marketing Act to regulate and administer the Dairy Industry in Prince Edward Island. Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island receives its authority through an Order in Council from the provincial government.

The Board

The Board is comprised of nine milk producers elected to represent the two districts defined under the Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island Regulations, which were revised in the Royal Gazette of Prince Edward Island on October 26, 2019. Three milk producers are elected to represent each of the Western and Eastern districts, and three milk producers are elected to the Board at large.

Supply Management

Dairy Farmers of PEI participates in a supply managed dairy system which was developed in the early 1970’s. Supply management focuses on achieving the most accurate balance between supply and demand. For more information on supply management follow the link below:

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Find out all you need to know about dairy in our province.

Dairy Facts

Our commitment to quality milk is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what brings us together and inspires us to take great care in every aspect of our work.

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Quota Exchange Results

Summary of the Prince Edward Island Dairy Farmers Quota Exchange results as well as archived historical results from the PEI dairy industry.


PEI's Strategic Partners

Making amazing dairy products is a tough job. There is no magic formula. We put in the work to make something we are proud of and our province can love.

Meet Our Partners

“Every single dairy farmer on PEI is a member of ADL”

Chad Mann — ADL

“I couldn't ask for a better situation, I live and make cheese in my community of Mont-Carmel, and know everybody around me.”

Mathieu Gallant — Fromagerie PEI

“Prince Edward Island milk is a very important ingredient in all our dairy products”

Andrea White — Cows Creamery

“Purity was started by my parents Eugene and Gladys Cullen. Our Charlottetown location was opened by in 1946, to be closer to their customers”

Tom Cullen — Purity Dairy

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