Sarah Stanley

Policy and Operations Officer

Sarah is Dairy Farmers of Prince EdwardIsland’s policy and operations officer. Sarah’s day-to-day duties tend to change regularly; she spends most of her time attending meetings and studying available documents to learn the industry and the various policies. She enjoys the industry’s constant changing environment, and the continuous learning curve.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and coaching sports.

Meet the STAFF

Our Staff Members

Our staff are working hard to provide the best dairy products to Prince Edward Island across the entire supply chain.

Doug Thompson

General Manager

Michael Cummiskey

Assistant General Manager, Egg Farmers of PEI General Manager

Sarah Stanley

Policy and Operations Officer

Linda Bowley

Pooling & Payments Specialist; IT Coordinator

Cassandra Jay

Dairy Inspector and proAction® Validator

Aidan Northcott

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Edelaine Burgoyne

Administrative Assistant, Pooling and Payments

Luke Reeves-Rollins

Assistant Financial Officer

Rinnie Bradley

Board Secretary

Kerry Molyneaux-Waugh

Reception and Administrative Support

Sarah Bassett

Administrative Assistant